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A Warrior's Word


This week was packed with homework and activities. We ran a mile in gym and we also did the flexibility test.  I got the second fastest time in my class. Last weekend I raced (motocross), and I got a little hurt. I did badly at the start of first races, but second ones were better. I had a ton of homework today, but somehow I got it done. This week was hard on me, but I’m still happy.

Arie, Room 303



 This was another fun week at Immanuel. We started the week off with chapel being led by Mr. Neiman. We have learned a lot this week in science about elemental bonding and about the American Revolution in history class. Thursday is our last school day this week, since parent teacher conferences will be taking place on Friday, which is also Halloween. The week of October 30th was a speedy and exciting four days.

Jessica, Room 303



 This week the school celebrated Oktoberfest! We all hoped teachers would give less homework, and we are hoping our parents will let us go to the festival. Everyone has made plans for the great fest that celebrates our German heritage. This week was also the start of NWEA testing. Plus, it’s about one week till the end of the quarter; everyone is trying to reach their A.R. goals and improve their grades.

Grace, Room 303



 This week went by very quickly. We started off the week with a championship win from the 8th grade girl volleyball players. We had pictures on Wednesday.  This was another fun week at Immanuel.
Room 303



 This week was a very exciting week. The 8th grade girls have the L.I.T. this weekend. We also went to the Clothing Center for Confirmation. Tracey Pike from the Pregnancy Care Center came to talk to us about the program. Overall this week was great! 

Room 303 

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