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Junior High Teacher Subject Areas - 2023-2024 School Year

Subject 6 7 8
English Mrs. Sims Mrs. Sims Mrs. Franke
Health Mrs. Dyer Mr. Sinclair Mrs. Dyer
Literature Mrs. Franke Mrs. Franke Mrs. Sims
Math Mrs. Whitson Mrs. Whitson Mrs. Whitson
Physical Education Mr. Sinclair Mr. Sinclair Mr. Sinclair
Science Mrs. Haugen Mrs. Haugen Mrs. Dyer
Social Studies/History Mr. Smith Mr. Smith Mr. Smith
Electives Mixed Level Classes    
Art  Mrs. Nolting    
Band  Mr. Scheiderer & Mrs. Schneider    
Choir/Performing Arts  Mr. Scheiderer    
General Music  Mrs. Schneider    
Computer Science Discoveries
 Mrs. Brown    
Foundations in Personal Finance  Dr. Behmlander    
3D Computer Aided Design  Mr. Goecker    
Computer Generated Art  Mrs. Dyer    


Junior High Schedule 2023-2024

Period 6S 6W 7D 7S 8F 8S
1st   (8:30 - 9:04) Religion Religion Religion Religion Confirmation Confirmation
2nd  (9:07-9:28) SEL SEL SEL SEL SEL SEL
3rd  (9:31 - 10:10) Social Studies English Literature/Math Math/Literature PE/Health PE/Health
4th  (10:13 - 10:52) PE/Health PE/Health Math/Literature Literature/Math Literature History
5th  (10:55 - 11:34) English Literature PE/Health Social Studies Science/Algebra Science/Algebra
6th  (11:37 - 12:16) Math Science Social Studies PE/Health English Literature
(12:19 - 12:58)
LUNCH LUNCH Science English History English
(1:01 - 1:40)
8th  (1:43 - 2:22)      
Literature Social Studies English Science Pre-Algebra/ Science Pre-Algebra/ Science
(2:25 - 3:00)

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