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1B Weekly News
August 15-19

It is truly a gift for me to be your child's teacher.  We are already working hard and learning a lot about each other.  Expectations are growing each day of what we can accomplish! Three days down and 177 to go!

The papers on the left side have been checked.  I hope that you will take the opportunity to go over the papers with your child. Remember those papers can get "LEFT" at home.  To let me know that you have seen the papers and this folder, I would like for you to sign the sheet on the right side of the folder, return it to the folder and return the folder "RIGHT" back to school.  Don't forget to put the Behavior Log and the reading book, back in the right side, too.

Thank you for all of you who are initialing the Behavior Log, so I can see that we are both aware of behavior and expectations.

Memory work is an important part of First grade.  Each child will be called to my desk on Wednesday and Friday to say the memory verse that is listed.  I usually give the first coupld words to get the children started.  Practice often.

Most of the children are doing a great job at lunch time of eating in quick order-we have 20 minutes total to get food, sit down and eat. Some of the children are spending more time talking than eating.  If you are noticing that your child is really hungry, please take the opportunity to talk with him/her about eating first and talking later.

Several of the children are missing earbuds/headphones.  We will need those by Monday. 

This newsletter, if lost or misplaced, can be found at Immanuelschool.org website.  Look under "Essential's", then "Class Web Pages" to find mine. You can, also, set up to receive notifications of when I make changes to the newsletter.

The Weekly Warrior came home yesterday.  Usually, I will send it home on Friday in the Friday folder.  You can opt to have it e-mailed to you, as well.

Book order forms are included with this newsletter.  You may order online, using code MBYRT. Or you may fill out the form and return it with a check made out to Julia Bell.  when the books arrive, I put them in your child's backpack, unless you tell me otherwise.

A book report will come with your child on Monday.  It is due by August 22.

Happy birthday to Wendy (8/6), and Addalynn (8/16).

Please practice the spelling words and memory verse at home.

Our school has lots of Fund raising opportunities! The office sells Scrip, which are gift cards to retailers to use like cash.  You ge the amount that you pay for, but the school gets a percentage back on the sale. BoxTops (you can enter your receipt online and earn money for the school), Amazon Smile (through your Amazon account), Laura Jo's Cookies Thanks for all the support!

We will collect offerings on Mondays.  Our offerings in August, will go to Orphan Grain Train. The monies collected will assist them in getting our Christmas Gift Boxes completed and shipped. Thank you for your generosity!

I collect poptabs, which are taken to Riley Children's Hospital. They are converted to help families who stay at the Ronald McDonald House.

Blessings on your weekend! 

In His service,

Mrs. Bell


Wednesday-God saw all that He had made and it was very good. Genesis 1:31

Friday-God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son that whoever believes in Him will be saved. John 3:16


We will learn about God's creation-the first seven days.  Also, we will learn about Adam and Eve and their sin.


We will begin to review the alphabet and work on phonemic awareness. As we review the letters, we will talk about vowels and consonants.

We will begin to write a book about ourselves.

Remember to listen to and assist your child with the reading material coming home. We will have reading homework each evening, even one on the weekend.

HOMEWORK (for the night of):

  • Monday-Read "A Table"
  • Tuesday- Read "The Egg"
  • Wednesday- Read "See"
  • Thursday-Read "My Body is My Buddy"
  • Friday-Read "Up"

We will begin our understanding of addition and subtraction.

Practicing math flashcards proves to be very helpful to your child! You can make your own or purchase some.

HOMEWORK:  Math worksheets

Social Studies

We will learn about rules.


We will learn about plants.

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