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Weekly News for March 26-29

Tomorrow starts Spring Break!! I pray for safety and an enjoyable time with your family and friends!

Family Units was a lot of fun today.  Be sure to ask your child about the activities and devotion heard today.

We have begun planning for our First Grade Musical-"The Three Piggy Opera" to be performed May 17th.  Make sure you set aside that date and tell family and friends to come enjoy the show!!  We will be sending home more information about parts and costumes in the coming weeks.

We will have a WOW assembly on March 29th.  Students will be encouraged to dress like a Bible Hero!

Report cards will come home on April 2. 

Don't forget about Church on Wednesdays, during Lent!  These services count toward your child's church attendance.

We will only have one memory verse after Spring Break, on Friday.  We will have spelling on Thursday and Friday.

Keep practicing the sight word sheets and the sound sheets.  Also, put in as much practice as possible with the math flashcards.  These are so beneficial to your child.

Ava will bring something in for our "Jar That Keeps Us Guessing". 

Please keep the sight word sheet in the right side, as we practice it daily!  I will put a checkmark on it and tell them to place it in the left side when I feel they have mastered the list!

Also, make sure the sound sheet stays in the right side, as we practice daily!

Most of the children are doing well with memory.  Not only is it a grade on the report card, but is important as we seek God's kingdom and will in our lives!

We will collect offerings on Monday.  Our offerings this month will go to Seminarians. We will also have a Penny War the first week in April!  So, save those pennies and silver coins or dollar bills! Thank you for your generosity!

We collect BoxTops!  We submit them at the end of each month to the office to be counted. 

I, also, collect poptabs, which are taken to Riley, whenever I can get someone to haul them up for us!

Levi is the Star of the Week!

Again, enjoy your spring break!

In His service,

Mrs. Bell



Friday-The Lord's Prayer


pull, thing, walk, too, orange, down, don't

Transfer words: snake/shake, take, quake


We will learn about prayer.


We are finishing up our Folktale unit.  

We are really working hard on making plurals and past tense verbs.

HOMEWORK (for the night of):

  • Monday-Read ""
  • Tuesday- Read "Little Green Riding Hood"
  • Wednesday-Read "Superhero to the Rescue"
  • Thursday- Read  "Something for Nothing"

We are working on double digit addition, including regrouping or carrying.    

Practice flashcards often!

HOMEWORK:  Math worksheets

Social Studies

We will learn about our country's history.


We will learn about solids, liquids and gases.

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