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Weeks of October 16th and 23rd
Weekly News

This week's newsletter will cover the next half week and the following full week!  Please hang onto this letter for two weeks!!  Thanks!

It is a joy getting to know and work with your child!  We are learning a lot in First Grade.  Expectations are growing each day of what we can accomplish!  After 43 days of school, your child is expected to understand the rules and follow them, especially being quiet when the teacher talks and in the hallways, as well as getting along with others on the playground.  I hope your child is demonstrating his/her knowledge of academics, as well as character!

As I mentioned at the beginning of this note, it is for 2 weeks.  But, I want to mention that I begin to change the newsletter on Thursdays, often time putting the date by the memory.  So, if you are looking at it on Thursday evening for memory, please note that the Wednesday memory has already been changed and the following Friday has been added by it's due date.

Speaking of memory, I believe that learning God's Holy Word is an important part of our lives.  So, please help your child to memorize the verses that are due each Wednesday and Friday.

We took our NWEA tests a couple of weeks ago.  You will see the results when you get your child's report card at conferences.

Thank you for scheduling your conference time.  Each confernce is only 15 minutes.  I will have your child's folder placed on a table in the hallway for you to look at if you arrive a few minutes early.  Please come prepared with questions or concerns, as I do want to be respectful of your time and the time of those who are scheduled next.

Our field trip to Kelsay Farms has been cancelled, due to bus availability and Kelsay Farms availability not matching up.  We will return any money that has been submitted.

Speaking of field trips, we are going to go on a neighborhood walk on Monday.  We will leave around 2 and return by 2:45 or sooner.  This will meet one of our Indiana standards for Social Studies.

We are working on the character trait of respect this month.  Respect is shown when we listen to and obey teacher's directions.  Respect is shown when we speak kindly to our friends.  Thanks for your encouragement at home!

Please feel free to check out the Spelling City link on the web page.  It has fun games to help learn those spelling words each week.

Thank you to those who are practicing flashcards.  Many of the students are moving through the sets. Remember to practice them with your child dailyPlease make sure the flashcards are returned daily for practice here at school, too!

Sydni is the Star of the Week!

Happy birthday to Sophia on the 19th!

Book orders are due 18th.  Remember that you can place your order online, if you'd like.

Thank you for sending in your collections of Boxtops to our classrooms. We are in FIRST place!!!  We won the first collection by having 434 Boxtops!  Thank you for sending in those Boxtops!!  Keep sending them in to keep us in first place.  (We get to have a cookie treat!!)

I, also, collect poptabs, which are taken to Riley, whenever I can get someone to haul them up for us!

We will collect offerings on Mondays.  Our offerings this month will assist the cost of publishing of the Daily Prayer that is submitted to the Tribune daily from Immanuel Lutheran Church.  The children are also writing prayers; some may be chosen to be published in the Tribune.

In His service,

Mrs. Bell


Wednesday-3rd  Commandment...Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it Holy.

10/25-A mighty fortress is our God; a trusty shield and weapon

Friday- 10/27-He helps us free from ev'ry need; that hath us now o'ertaken.


who, when, other, plant, see

Transfer words:red/bed, led, sled, fed


We will learn about Moses and the Israelites.  We are learning about how God protected/saved them and how they grumbled!  We compare this to how God saved us.  We will also learn about Martin Luther and the Reformation, especially in this 500th year!


We are reading about our neighborhood at work, mostly community helpers.

We have learned about synonyms, antonyms, homonyms, nouns, verbs, conjunctions and adjectives!  We have learned that every sentence must start with a capital letter.  We have learned that some words that are special also have capital letters.  Endmarks are important stop signs in our sentences and tell us how to read with inflection!

Please practice the sight word flashcards with your child often!

HOMEWORK (for the night of):

  • Monday-Read "Panda Band"
  • Tuesday-Read "Patch Gets a Ball"
  • Wednesday- Read "Grab a Star"
  • Monday-Read "Wendell's Pets"
  • Tuesday-"Whir and Stir"
  • Wednesday- "Pick a Pet"
  • Thursday-"My Trip"

We are learning about addition-both vertical and horizontal.  Please encourage your child in these skills to continue to improve and increase math fluency!  Math flashcards are a great tool!

HOMEWORK:  Math worksheets

Social Studies

We are learning about community helpers!  We are continuing to learn map skills, too!

We will go on a neighborhood walk on Monday, weather permitting.  We will leave school around 2 and return by 2:45.  This will meet one of our Indiana Social Studies standards.


We are learning about living things, particularly animals.We will learn about mammals, amphibians, reptiles, birds, fish and bugs.

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