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Week of August 14
Weekly News

Well, the first week of first grade is in the books!  I hope your child had an enjoyable first week here.  It is a pleasure working with you and learning about your child!

Speaking of learning about your child, thank you for returning the "homework" I gave you at your parent meeting, as it is very helpful!

The papers in this Friday folder have been checked.  Everything you see on the LEFT side of the folder should be "left" at home.  I hope you will take the opportunity to go over these papers with your child.  All the papers you see on the RIGHT side of the folder should be checked, initialed, signed, and returned to the "right" side of the folder and "right" back to the school.

Here are a few notes to clear up any confusion about homework!  Each evening the DAILY folder will come home with papers in the LEFT side that have been completed (or deemed complete).  Please remove those papers and make sure they are "left" at home.  There will, also, be items in the RIGHT side, which might include a reading book, math papers, flashcards, and a behavior log.  The reading book and math papers are homework, which should be completed and returned to the "right" side of the folder and brought "right" back to school.  (I encourage you to listen to your child read his/her story each evening, as well as, assist with math when needed.)  The behavior log needs to be initialed each evening in the appropriate box and returned to school.  The flashcards are sight word cards, which should be practiced daily and need to be mastered before leaving first grade.  These words are "sight" words, so can not/should not be sounded out.  I will frequently test your child over these words.  I will show them a word and give them about 3 seconds to say the word.  If they say the word correctly, then we move onto the next word.  If the card is not said correctly, then I will say the word and put it in the back of the pile to try again.  Once your child has mastered the set of flashcards, he/she will be given a new set to practice.

For our math lessons, there are 3 pages:  One that we complete together in class, which will be put on the "left" side of the folder; One that your child does on his/her own, which will be graded and sent home in the Friday folder; and One in the "right side that comes home for homework, which will be completed and returned to the "right" side and "right" back to school.  Your child will probably need help with the word problems.  Please assist him/her in reading and figuring out how to work the problem-at least at the beginning of the year.

We will have spelling and memory verses this week.  Regarding memory:  Your child needs to be prepared to say the first memory verse on Wednesday morning and the second one on Friday morning.  This will be the pattern for most of the year.  We do not practice at school, so please help at home.  Regarding spelling:  We will take a practice test on Wednesday.  If your child gets a 100%, then he/she does not need to take the final test on Friday.

We had 100% participation in Maroon and Gold day, so we get to have the Totem pole in our room for awhile!

Included in this folder, are two book order forms.  Feel free to look through the orders and purchase books for your child.  You may purchase by sending back the order with a check made out to Scholastic.  Or you may order online at Scholastic.com, using the Classroom code of MBRYT.  (If you misplace this, you can look it up online!)  Book orders are due August 23.

Speaking of online, my newsletters are online at the Immanuelschool.org website.  Click on "Essentials", then on "Class Web pages" and then "Mrs. Bell".  You can be notified when I make changes to this page, by subscribing to notifications.  At the top of my page are tabs, you would click on the "Profile" tab.  On the right side you should see a box that allows you to select the options for which you would like to be notified. 

Also, on the webpage, look at the bottom for pictures of the students!

We collect Boxtops in our classrooms.  We submit them at the end of each month to the office.  It is a friendly competition between the classes to see who can collect the most.

I, also, collect poptabs, which are taken to Riley, whenever I can get someone to haul them up for us!

Happy belated birthday to London (4th)!

Congratulations to Lydia and her family, as they welcome baby Emma.

We will collect offerings on Mondays.  Our offerings this month will assist Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Haiti.

It has been a pleasure working with your child.  What a joy it is to see the children as they grow and learn!  I appreciate your efforts at home and look forward to working side by side to ensure your child's success!  Thank you, in advance, for a great year!!


In His service,

Mrs. Bell



God saw all that He had made, and it was very good.  Genesis 1:31

Friday-God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son that whoever believes in Him will be saved.  John 3:16


at, in, the, is, on


We will learn about Creation and the first sin.  


Please practice the sight word flashcards with your child often!

HOMEWORK (for the night of):

  • Monday-Read "Good Health"
  • Tuesday-Read "My Five Senses"
  • Wednesday- Read "A Table"
  • Thursday-Read "The Egg"

We will review our numbers.  We are learning about addition-both vertical and horizontal.  Please encourage your child in these skills to continue to improve and increase math fluency!

HOMEWORK:  Math worksheets

Social Studies

Our first unit is called "Time for School." We are learning about school, including rules and cooperative play.


We are learning about living things.

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