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SHOW ME THE WAY Psalm 143:8

Welcome to the 4K webpage! 
Here you will find Spelling Lists, Memory Work and other information for each week.  There is a page link at the top for a class schedule.

Week of March 25th
Chapel Mission--Adopt-a-Seminarian
No School today!
Spelling List 25
1.  lazy
7.  item
13. obey
2.  volcano
8.  pilot
14. puny
3.  flavor
9.  triangle
15. prepare
4.  piano
10. climate
16. vacant
5.  recent
11. gigantic
17. pulley
6.  really
12. program
18. menu

Memory Work--none today--Chapel service

ILearn Pratice Test--this week we will doing 3 practice tests to get acquianted with the testing format.  This format is similar to NWEA in that not all students will see the same wording of a question, but all students will be tested on 4th grade Indiana State Standards with similar type questions based on how they are responding to the questions.

**Our actual testing days will be April 23 & 26 and May 6-10.  Please avoid any appointments those days--if you need to know specific testing times please contact me.


Memory Work--Which are those words of God?

Spelling Pre-test--List 25

Lenten services tonight--ILC services at 4:30 & 7:00.  (Students should have plenty of time in class to complete assignments.)


Memory Work--What benefits does baptism give?

Math--test on decimals (tenths & hundredths)

ILearn Practice test #2


Spelling Test List 25

Reading Test--"Daedulus & Icarus" and "The Great Kapok Tree"

English--test on Group 8 sentences

ILearn Practice test #3

WoW Assembly for 3rd quarter--our theme for the assembly is "Biblical Heroes".  Students may dress up as a Biblical Hero for today.

Misc. Notes

1. BoxTops for Education--each BoxTop is worth 10 cents!!! Each month, the class with the highest amount collected wins a special treat!

2.  SCRIP--Mrs. Isaacs has a wide variety of gift cards available for purchase (can be ordered as well) at the office.  ILS PTL receives a percentage back from the company for each card sold.  Funds are used for PTL events such as the Back to School Bash and the inflatables for Lutheran Schools' Week.

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