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Welcome to the 4K webpage! 
Here you will find Spelling Lists, Memory Work and other information for each week.  There is a page link at the top for a class schedule.

Week of Aug. 14th

A New Day--Walking the Warrior Way

Chapel Mission-Hearts4Haiti.  Please remember your offering each week.
Spelling List 1 Words
1. bridge 7. laundry 13.  snowflake
2. gravity 8. trouble 14.  freedom
3. hungry 9. attract 15. slimy
4. eclipse 10. twilight 16. glance
5. secret 11. between 17. burglar
6. applaud 12. describe 18. switch

Memory Work due today--Genesis to 2nd Samuel

For Memory Work, we are starting with the books of the Old Testament.  Students have been given a list of the books and the due dates.  They will be writing the list each day--Spelling does NOT count.  I will send home a list next week that has the New Testament books listed.

General Music--be sure to have your Recorder and Music Book today


Memory Work--1st Kings to Proverbs

Spelling List 1 Pre-test--students who get a 100% on today's test will not need to take the test on Friday

P.E. today--please have socks to wear with your gym shoes


Memory Work--Ecclesiastes to Amos

General Music--make sure you have your Recorder and Music Book today


Spelling List 1 Test

Math Quiz--CH. 1 Lessons 1-4

Library day--students will be able to check out books starting today.  Books are due back by next Friday.

Misc. Notes

PTL Fall Photo Frenzy sign-up begins today.  A flier was sent home last week with the details.  You can also check the Weekly Warrior or the school website for more details.

On-going collections--
1. BoxTops for Education be sure to clip those from various product packages and send them in to school!  The class with the highest amount each month receives a treat!

2.  Go-Go Squeeze pouches--please put the cap on the pouch and collect them in a ziploc bag.

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