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Welcome to my page!

The 6th grade English class has as its focus three primary areas:  vocabulary/spelling, grammar (Shurley method), and writing.  Every day the students are immersed in studying the English language and becoming proficient readers and writers.

Welcome Back!
New This Year
This year the sixth grade students will meet with me on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday.  They will meet with Mrs. Dyer on Thursday as they concentrate on improving their technology skills.
Weekly Schedule

The 6th grade English class generally adheres to the following schedule:

Monday:  MUG (Mechanics, Usage, Grammar)  Sentences 1 and 2; Word A Day (vocabulary and spelling) Week 1:  Intro to new words and work with them.  Week 2: Review and Assess. Shurley Method of Grammar
Tuesday:  MUG Sentences 3 and 4; Review WAD; Shurley lessons

Wednesday:  MUG Sentence 5; Word A Day (WAD) pre-test; Writing Lessons

Thursday:  Tech Day

Friday:  MUG Quiz; Final WAD quiz; Shurley Assessment (if needed) Writing and Reading time.

Important To Note
During this year, you will see me use a few acronyms for some of the regular activities that the students will be doing. The following are the most common:
MUG - Mechanics Usage Grammar These are the daily sentences that the students will correct at the start of each class. On Friday there will be a quiz on one of the sentences that I choose as a review. The students will correct the sentences in class each day.
WAD - Word A Day This is the vocabulary and spelling work that we will do each week. For each two-week cycle, the students will learn five words. They will write the definitions and part of speech in their Writer's Notebook (WN - that's another one). During the second week, there will be a pre-test on Wednesday. If the student scores a 100%, he/she will not take the Friday final quiz.
August 14-18

Word A Day Words Week 1






Monday's Assignment: WAD definitions and Part of Speech (POS) in Writer's Notebook.

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Created: Jan 19, 2011
Updated: Aug 14, 2017
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Contact Me!

Created: Jan 19, 2011
Updated: Aug 14, 2017
Viewed 2248 times

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