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In him was life, and the life was the light of men.

John 1:4


May 10 - May 14
This Week's Agenda

SPECIALS: Monday - Library (Return School Library books), Tuesday - Gym (Bring water bottle and gym shoes), Wednesday - Computers, Thursday - Art, Friday - Music

MEMORY: Tuesday: Lesson 93, Wednesday: Lesson 94, Thursday: Lesson 95

RELIGION: Unit 8-- God Works in Me to Follow His Ways

NO SPELLING: List 28, Monday: Spelling Pre-test, Friday: Spelling Post-test. Spelling Homework is in Monday Mail folder and due on Friday.

ENGLISH: We will continue Unit 2 in Shurley English and practicing using our grammar and writing skills.

MATH: We will finish up Ch. 11: Measurement and test on Friday!

3K is so close to completing Mulitiplication Masters. Keep practicing so we can celebrate with a class party!

READING: We will be begin a Reader's Theater unit. We will be focused on honing our fluency and comprehension skills through repeated readings and practice of Reader's Theater scripts. Students will experience a variety of literature as well!

SCIENCE: We will wrap up our lessons on Plants this week and begin a unit on Animals.  

WRITING: We will continue to work at school and home on the Biography Research Project. 


Please message me via Seesaw with any questions or concerns. 

In Christ,

Mrs. Keller

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