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News and Notes for the week of February 24th
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Have a great week!

Weekly Agenda

Chapel:  Don't forget your Chapel offering envelopes.  This month's mission is Community Provisions.  We are also collecting flour for this mission.

Art:  12:55-1:35 P.M.


Memory:  Seventh Petition (through reputation)

Reading:  Quiz over Two Tickets to Freedom

Recorders/Chapel Choir:  1:40-2:25 P.M.


Memory:  Seventh Petition (the rest)

Religion:  Test over Unit 6

Computer:  10:40-11:15 A.M.

Spelling:  None this week due to elearning on Friday.

Library:  2:30 P.M.

Ash Wednesday!  Please plan to worship with your family.


Memory:  Conclusion (through heard by Him)

English:  Test over Unit 3 Group 5 Sentences

Math:  Test over Chapter 9

General Music/Chapel Choir:  1:40-2:25 P.M.


No Memory on Friday!

Spelling:  None

E-learning Day today!  See you on Monday!

News and Notes

Please remember to bring in your envelopes for chapel.  This month's mission is Community Provisions. We are collecting flour for this mission.

    In Christ,
Mrs. Tracey

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