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      Welcome back for our first full week! This week we will begin the real work that 3rd grade is all about. The students did a wonderful job adjusting back into a routine last week and I look forward to having a wonderful year with them!

Memory: We will begin memory this week. Each morning they will write their books of the Bible in the correct order. We have highlighted in our memory books what is to be done each night, or you can look in the student planner or also below at the schedule to see what is to be completed.

*** Fun songs to practice with ------------------>

Spelling: We will begin working with our first spelling list this week. Pre-test on Monday, just for practice - not graded. Test will be taken on Friday. The homework packet will be collected on Friday morning.

*** Extra spelling list and practice ----------------->

Reading: We will begin our first story, Rugby and Rosie, and we will have a test over the story on Friday. They will also be able to take an AR quiz on this book if they wish.

Math: Last week we began working with place and value, along with the 3 number forms..that work will continue this week.

Science: Solar Eclipse! We will be learning about the upcoming solar eclipse.

Social Studies: Maps, Maps, Maps! Any and all types of maps will be part of our conversation and work.

     If at any time you have questions or concerns, please feel free to email me.


Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns,


      Blessings on your week!
                       Mrs. Spieker

Weekly Agenda
Monday, August 14th
  • Chapel
  • Memory: none due today
  • PE Today! Be sure to bring in PE shoes if they aren't here already. Also, extra socks in case sandals are worn to school.
Tuesday, August 15th
  • Memory due today: Genesis - Ruth
  • Art today
Wednesday, August 16th
  • Memory due today: 1 Samuel - Esther
  • Music Today!
Thursday, August 17th
  • Memory Due Today: Job- Daniel
  • Library Today! Be sure to return all books checked out from last week.
Friday, August 18th
  • Computers Today!
  • Memory Due Today: Hosea - Nahum
  • Lesson 1 Spelling Test
  • Rugby and Rosie Reading Test

Contact Me!

Created: Jun 8, 2013
Updated: Aug 11, 2017
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Contact Me!

Created: Jun 8, 2013
Updated: Aug 11, 2017
Viewed 4732 times

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