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Parent Information Night
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Google Classroom Parent Tutorial

I am using a tablet...
Download the Google Classroom app.  If your version of the app has the pencil at the top when you open the hyperdoc, then use that for editing the hyperdoc.  If not, you can try using the Google Slides app.

I am using an iPad... 
This video may be helpful

I need a class code...
You need to log out of your Google account and log into your child's school Google account.  Students will not need class codes because they have already joined the Google classrooms.

It logs into my Google account instead of my child's...
Go to your initial in the top right corner and click (or the three lines in the top left corner of some apps).  Click on your account and log out OR Click on "add another account" and login as your child.  The Google classes should already be loaded in Google Classroom so if you don't see them then check which Google account you are in. 

Kindle apps for Google
Unfortunately, the Google apps don't appear to be working in the Kindle format. So I would discourage the use of a Kindle for eLearning.

I want to use my phone for eLearning...
The use of a phone for eLearning while technically possible will be VERY difficult due to the size and mobile aspects of the app so it will be difficult to move items on the screen and some things like videos may not work.  I would consider using a phone for eLearning as a last resort.

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How do I  access my eLearning day assignments?

How do I turn in my eLearning day lesson hyperdoc?

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