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  • September mission: Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Haiti!  Please remind students to bring in chapel offerings (any day of the week) for this important cause.  Our offerings will purchase much needed desks for the school. Each desk costs $45.Thank you!
  • Please save & send in boxtops!
Algebra Grade 8 period 2 - Mr. Huddleston

      For classroom homework handouts, notes, and tutor guide pages, go to Mr. Huddleston's web page at the following link:     Class handouts, notes, and tutor guide pages

      For period 2 homework assignments go to the following link:   Period 3 homework assignments

Mrs. Bloch's Pre-Algebra 

Last week we studied Edgar Allen Poe's classic horror tale, "The Tell Tale Heart." The students are working in collaborative groups to identify the language that Poe used, specifically words that are specific, precise, and establish the mood. This week we will study two selections that are memoirs. Once again several of the selections have AR quizzes. Please encourage your child to sign up to take them.  All of the students have passwords to access the online version of the textbook. They can do this on their computers and even listen to the audio version for many of these stories.

Unfortunately, the scores on the quizzes for the stories we have read so far are not what I would prefer. We read most if not all of the stories in class, and time is given for students to read on their own. There seems to be a lack of focus and dedication to completing the work on the part of some students. Let's work together to encourage the students to give more effort on their tasks.

English (Mrs. Franke)

Anticipated Assignments (Week of December 8):
This week's vocabulary: WEW2 - sorrowful, sparkle, radiant, awkward, enormous, constrained, reserved, trying, enjoyable, alleged, impressive, pale, impeccablefortitude, solemn, frigid, encroach
Friday, 12.6  -  WN:  images; typed/printed script
Monday, 12.9  -MUG 16:1,2; WN:  WEW2 define/shine; practice WEW2 Quizlet; grammar ws/reflection; typed/printed book trailer script
Tuesday, 12.10  - MUG 16: 3; ; WN:images/music brainstorm; script reviews/revisions/reprinting
Wednesday, 12.11  - MUG 16: 4; WN:WEW2 pyramid point; grammar ws/reflection
Thursday, 12.12 - MUG 16: 5 (and study for quiz); WN: choice; begin movie maker
Friday, 12.13 - persuasive book trailer movie maker project
English Links:
Scholastic Book Orders
Shurley Parent Help
Gramma Bytes
Purdue Online Writing Lab
Road to Grammar
Writing Handbook
Toon Parts of Speech Review
Chomp Chomp Grammar
8F Kidblog
8S Kidblog
Comic Strip Creator
Crossword Puzzle Creator
Wordfind Creator
D.C. Multi Media Project Rubric
D.C. Research Body Paragraph Rubric
Bib & Note Card Examples
Easy Bib Tech Doc
Washington, D.C. topics
Friendly Letter Response

Books and guidelines will be given the first week of school.

Students interested in serving on Safety Patrol, The Immanuel Cancer Fighters, or helping with a new project called AnySoldier - info will come out the first week.
Safety Patrol training meeting will be Monday 8/13/18.

You can check out the webpages for each of these activities on our school page (under the essential tab).


The Anysoldier.com class-page has been updated with the wish-list to send to a unit of 270 soldiers in Afghanistan.

We are wrapping up chapter 2 in science right now.  The chapter is about measurements and how math skills and tools are used in science.  The test will be on Wednesday, September 18.


8th graders are currently discussing what it means to have good overall health and wellness.  We will not be taking chapter tests, rather we will have a unit test following chapter 3.  

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