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Literature (Mrs. Franke)

This week's vocabulary:  This week's vocabulary: 

A Christmas Carol: accost, anonymous, currency, infuriated, incoherent, brusque

Tuck Everlasting #1: quiver, bovine, gallows, melancholy, tarnished, bristly, resentful, exasperated, rueful, remnants, primly

Figurative Language:  simile, metaphor, personification, idiom, hyperbole, alliteration, onomatopoeia

(Literary Terms):  plot, conflict, character, setting, theme, point of view

Anticipated Assignments (Week of November 28):

Friday, 11.18 - Google Classroom suspense hyperdoc; Have a blessed Thanksgiving!
Monday, 11.28 - RN: ACC vocab preview; RN: Charles Dickens facts; ACC Vocab Quizlet set
Tuesday, 11.29 - GC: jamboard; Read & think about ACC Prologue & Scene 1; GC:  Scene 1 sequence wheel & question #1; review for quiz
Wednesday, 11.30 - Read & think about ACC Scene 2; GC: Scene 2 sequence wheel & question #2
Thursday, 12.1 - Read & think about ACC Scene 3; GC: Scene 3 sequence wheel & question #3; review Scenes 1-3 for quiz
Friday, 12.2 - Read & think about ACC Scene 4; GC: Scene 4 sequence wheel; AR

*The online textbook can be accessed at my.hrw.com.  Check the password chart for username and password.

The Seventh grade literature textbook can be accessed online @ my.hrw.com.  Students have their username & password in their password chart (front of planner)
Literature Links:
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7 Literature Online Textbook
AR Bookfinder
Character Scrapbook
7R Lit Kidblog
7S Lit Kidblog
Lit Circle Main Idea/Role Template
Role Descriptions
Lit Circle PowerPoint Reflection
Lit Circle Quizlet Reflection
Lit Circle Summary/Role
Lit Circle Bookmark

 The students will take a pre-test on Daily Academic Vocabulary Week 2 words on Wednesday. We are finishing our study on homonyms, and we will focus on studying parts of speech and testing on pattern one of the Shurley Method. Next week the students will be given a Shurley Folder that they will use for instruction for the rest of the year. Next week I will send home a copy of all of the DAV words for the year. Google Classroom will be used extensively for assignments. Your child can show you his/her work and progress in that utility.

Social Studies
Books and guidelines will be given the first week of school.

Students interested in serving on Safety Patrol, The Immanuel Cancer Fighters, or helping with a new project called AnySoldier - info will come out the first week.

You can check out the webpages for each of these activities on our school page (under the essential tab).


The Anysoldier.com class-page has been updated with the wish-list to send to a unit of 270 soldiers in Afghanistan.



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