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Literature (Mrs. Franke)

2nd Quarter Extra Credit:  Sixth graders can find and read a book with a World War II topic.  Next a Reader's Notebook entry should be made - first, a one paragraph summary of the main ideas of the WWII book should be written. Next, a paragraph should be written that makes a connection between Number the Stars and the WWII book (tell the ways that they are alike.  Students should then take the AR test on the WWII book and write the score in the Reader's Notebook beside the extra credit entry.  Last students should show the RN entry to Mrs. Franke.  The process can be repeated as many times as desired before end of day on November 26.

This unit's vocabulary:
  Number the Stars Vocab #3 - lunge, devastating, contempt, warily, permeate
Anticipated Assignments (Week of November 18):
Friday, 11.16 - Read & think about NTS Ch 16; RN: Facts & Opinions; review NTS 15,16 for quiz
Monday, 11.19 - Read & think about ch 17 & the Afterward in Number the Stars; RN: Ellen's Necklace; Review 17, A for quiz
Tuesday, 11.20 - Read AR
Wednesday, 11.21 -  Thanksgiving Break!
Thursday, 11.22 - Thanksgiving Blessings!
Friday, 11.23 - Thanksgiving Break!

*The online textbook can be accessed at my.hrw.com.  Check the password chart for username and password.

Literature Links:
Online Lit Book
Scholastic Book Clubs
Spelling City
AR Book Finder
Character Scrapbook
6A Kidblog
6S Kidblog
Literature Circle Summary/Role Template

Sixth graders have completed their first rough draft writing, "Show Me the Way". In this piece they were writing about this year as if it is a journey. Once they have their laptops up and going, they will type the narrative. We have also started our regular vocabulary/spelling instruction and our daily language review, known as MUG (they should be able to tell you what that stands for).

We will be studying the following words for the next two weeks. A pre-test will be given next Wednesday and the final on Friday.  Words:  insincere, petty, quizzical, venture, and whim.

Finally, we have started our Shurley Grammar lessons with a review of the four types of sentences: declarative, interrogative, imperative, and exclamatory. On *Friday, the students will be bringing home a parent help guide. This is a reference for you, and for  your child to use if needed at home.

* Help guides did not get copied in time to send home Friday. They will come home during the week. 

Social Studies

Books and guidelines will be given the first week of school.

Students interested in serving on Safety Patrol, The Immanuel Cancer Fighters, or helping with a new project called AnySoldier - info will come out the first week.
Safety Patrol training meeting will be Monday 8/13/18.

You can check out the webpages for each of these activities on our school page (under the essential tab).


The Anysoldier.com class-page has been updated with the wish-list to send to a unit of 270 soldiers in Afghanistan.  

We just finished Chapter 1.  We will be doing some Sciency activities (aka Scientific Inquiry) over the next few days such as examining the properties of water using Scientific Reasoning and solving a mystery by observing and inferring.  Be on the watch for updates when we begin Chapter 2. 
Extra Credit was offered for Chapter 1 and was due the day of the test.  New opportunities will be available soon for Chapter 2.

We started Chapter 2 - Mental & Emotional Health.  We'll discuss topics such as self-esteem and self-image, managing stress, and being part of a healthy family.  Vocab activities for each chapter will be graded in class, the day of the chapter test.  Extra Credit options for each chapter are due the day of the test as well.

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