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2017 - 2018
A New Day Walking the Warrior Way
'Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!'      2 Cor. 5:12

AUGUST 14 - 18, 2017

We are starting to establish a good routine in our classroom and now we can start concentrating on the learning! The students are a real joy to work with and are eager to learn. Thank you for preparing them for each day. Don't forget to check student planners and folders each night. All papers must be returned the next day.

Monday, August 14

CHAPEL:  Our offerings this month will be going to Haiti. Offering envelopes can be brought in any day of the week.

MEMORY: We begin studying the books of the Old Testament. Students will not have to be able to spell them. Just recite them in order. An assignment page for the next 2 weeks was sent home in the Friday Folder. The books also can be found on p. 4 in the Memory Book or in the front of any Bible.

SPELLING:  Our words this week will have the long and short 'a'. Tests will be on Wednesday and Friday. They also may practice them on the Spelling City site. The link is shown on the right of this page.

1. said       4. ask       7. stand      10. catch    13.  eight

2. afraid     5. away    8. always    11. playing  14. waved

3. takes      6. than     9. great      12. they      15. prey

Spelling homework is a 4 page packet that is passed out each Monday. These packets can be worked on throughout the week at the student's own pace.  They are due on Friday morning.

Tuesday, August 15

MEMORY:  Genesis - Ruth

GYM: Students who are not wearing socks to school should bring a pair to wear during gym class.

Wednesday, August 16

MEMORY:  1 Samuel - Esther


Thursday, August 17

MEMORY:  Job - Daniel

READING: Books will be coming home tonight to review and study for the test on Friday over our first story, "Rugby and Rosie".

Friday, August 18

MEMORY:  Hosea - Nahum


READING:  Test over "Rugby and Rosie"


Any assignments that are given on Fridays will be done in class and turned in.  No homework assignments over the weekend.


PTL FALL PHOTO FRENZY:  Start putting together a team and sign up!!

BOX TOPS: You may send these in at any time throughout the year. Don't forget to tell family and friends to save them for you.

GO GO SQUEEZE POUCHES:  Please put lid on and send them in a ziploc bag.

BOOK ORDER: Each month I will be sending home book orders.  Our classroom code for online purchases is GNB2F. Orders may also be given to me to submit. Please make out checks to Scholastic Book Club.  Orders are due by Friday, August. 25th.

THANK YOU for your support for a great start of the school year.  Thanks also for your generous gift of extra supplies.  Please stay in touch.

Thought for the Week
Trust God in the dark until the Light returns.

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